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Feb 18, 2022
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My dad (rest in peace) was a Finn, so saunas have been a part of my life since I remember. When I was a kid I used to go at least once a week every single week. When I moved out and started doing my life I only missed two things, my family and their sauna. My friends, specially the ones that come from hotter climates, ask me why do I praise saunas so much and honestly it's quite simple, going into a sauna feels like disconnecting from the world, it allows me to just be me. I can cleanse both my body and mind. No distractions like cellphones or work, it's just the sizzling of the water boiling off on the rocks and I. Afterwards I always feel like I'm reborn, a new me ready to continue working, or what ever I was doing before getting in. Until recently I haven't had the option of owning a sauna, I used to move quite a lot because of work. But now that I have a fixed house with my family, I decided to get one so it feels more like my childhood home. I bought Scandia's Trend sauna from and I really like it, it is weird in a good way. I'm used to old school wood-burning saunas and this one is far from that. It's like a modern take on saunas which I'm digging. My children love it and that alone is worth every penny spent. When I see them I see myself when I was young, getting in my parents saunas every week. I surely hope when my kids become adults and have their own family, keep this "legacy" going.


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